Cassidy Lee Sings Fleetwood Mac's "Gold Dust Woman" - The Voice Blind Auditions 2020
The Voice
Cassidy Lee performs Fleetwood Mac's "Gold Dust Woman" during The Voice Blind Auditions.
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NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season's blockbuster vocal competition.
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The four-time Emmy Award-winning musical competition series “The Voice” returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the show’s newest season.
Nick Jonas, the multi-platinum Grammy and Golden Globe Award-nominated recording artist, actor, songwriter and member of the preeminent group the Jonas Brothers, joins acclaimed coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as they return for Season 18. Carson Daly returns as host.
Cassidy Lee Sings Fleetwood Mac's "Gold Dust Woman" - The Voice Blind Auditions 2020
The Voice

  • Renita

    Man! Nothing harder than when the song is about rejection and they don't get a turn 🥺

  • michele kimpson
    michele kimpson

    Love Cassidy!

  • Farfar Villanueva
    Farfar Villanueva

    I think she can sing the song "Don't Speak" from No Doubt.

  • Katy Johnson
    Katy Johnson

    I HATE when the judges want people to hit high notes! Some of us are Altos who CANT hit those glass breaking notes! OUR RANGE IS JUST AS BEAUTIFUL AND POWERFUL! Gah, Why must EVERYONE have to belt loud, long, ear-splitting notes???? Okay, I'm done ranting

  • monicasm

    She was great but they were right, she needed a different song. I also see a lot of people have an okay performance and then throw a long high note in to try and show off their voice, when they should really be using those valuable seconds to focus on showing off their control with a variety of notes.

  • Hunter Vandiford
    Hunter Vandiford

    Id shot gun a beer or two with her foxy self..

  • lA B
    lA B

    She was good wdym

  • Ariette Hung
    Ariette Hung

    She has potential but she was quite pitchy a few times in her performances

  • Daniel Melo
    Daniel Melo

    Excellent song choice.

  • theresa bollman
    theresa bollman

    She was good!

  • .

    I’m so over hearing country

  • Hgood1

    Sport big fail for the voice. She was way better than some people they picked. Very disappointed.

  • Sue B
    Sue B

    This woman ROCKED and I cannot imagine that they don't realize this!!

  • Steve 2020
    Steve 2020

    She was cool.. but prob not good enough.

  • Debbie Fulton
    Debbie Fulton

    How sweet. Nick just made her day!

  • Portia the Authentic Mess
    Portia the Authentic Mess

    I could not be prouder of @Cassidylee she rocked that stage

  • FloridaIndependent

    it's pitchy. That's her problem.

  • Elaine Diamond
    Elaine Diamond

    I got chills though this whole performance. It was awesome. She should have gotten some turns. So disappointed in the coaches. I’m so sorry Cassidy. Don’t give up. And try the voice again!

  • Battle Panda
    Battle Panda

    Kelly really likes the word "cool"

  • Maw Maw13
    Maw Maw13

    I WISH they would've turned for her!!!!! I would have voted for her !!

  • Xalted

    *I don't agree a lot with these judges and the standard they are holding so high. However, this is the FIRST time I have actually taken time out of my day to leave a comment. A comment that means nothing, but I felt I needed to strongly disagree here. The girl sang Stevie Nicks ( Fleetwood Mac' ) for crying out loud. Do I think she could have killed a better song by the same band? Yeah. A different band and song? Sure. This makes me hope that the twist is going to come! Sure hope she makes it back, one way or another. Great performance, Cassidy Lee*

  • j t
    j t

    Umm she wasn't good. Dont have to be a powerhouse, just good at singing and she wasn't.

  • Yesi Nichole
    Yesi Nichole

    I’m so proud of her. I know this isn’t the end shes going to go far.

  • Alfonso Demagistris
    Alfonso Demagistris

    Looks like the coaches dont want to coach, they want a sure thing, too bad.

  • Chris Gollon
    Chris Gollon

    I’ve known of Cassidy from us sharing some territory in and around north Florida. I own her CD and have her sticker on my amplifier! To see her get to this level is such an awesome affirmation to what she’s been doing for years now around our area. I’m super happy for her!

  • Anne
    Anne This is from five years ago at age 18, filmed by her late father, and she’s come a long way since! Thought I’d post this after reading the comment about her similarities to Bonnie Raitt.

  • Wilson Combatgirl
    Wilson Combatgirl

    Her upper register wasn’t as powerful. Loved her raspiness though.

  • Liam Munholand
    Liam Munholand

    Immediately I heard a bit of Heart in her voice.

  • Misty Mountain Video
    Misty Mountain Video

    Voice was OK, but her timing was off

  • Joel Zuñiga
    Joel Zuñiga

    She sounds like Brennly brown With a husky a voice

  • Angelena Ross
    Angelena Ross

    how could they not turn?

  • iputu ardika
    iputu ardika

    She’s better singing something else ..not go home because she’s got her wishes 😂😂😅

  • Grace Elizabeth
    Grace Elizabeth

    I think either it was the wrong song choice or the arrangement of the song could have been tweaked a bit

  • Denise Osborne
    Denise Osborne

    This girl was very good! Not sure why they didn't turn but feel she deserved it. 🤔

  • Aditya Balakrishnan
    Aditya Balakrishnan

    looks like they only turn for powerhouses or loud quirky people... a solid performance like this deserves a chair.

    • Erick Scherf
      Erick Scherf

      Says the music expert

  • icie4u

    I think you may need to put the guitar down and just sing a little more powerful for the auditions. Focus on your voice and energy.

  • Zania Mosley
    Zania Mosley

    Aww how kind of Nick. He's so nice."let me go and hug her."

  • Jonathan Mirensky
    Jonathan Mirensky

    I know her and she’s incredible!!!! Shame they didn’t turn


    No dynamics. Should use higher notes on some part.

  • Kish Arias
    Kish Arias

    When Nick ask her what Jonas brothers song is her favorite i thought they were going to do a duet just like what Joe did to his fan but that hug was PRICELESS 😍

  • Eman Garcia
    Eman Garcia

    I’m a big jonas brother fan too, and I’m jealous she had the chance to hug nick

  • Marina N
    Marina N

    Should of gotten a spot

  • Eduardo Gomez
    Eduardo Gomez

    Sorry but for all you people saying you don't understand why the judges didn't turn. Let me tell you why they didn't turn . She was not good . Did not do the song justice at all

  • V R
    V R

    At least she got to meet Nick.

  • Angel Number 777
    Angel Number 777

    I really liked yours! It was one of my favorites. Didn't care that you 'didn't go high.' I judge more based on artistry and uniqueness than being perfectly polished (although you were mostly there with polish too). I would've turned for sure if I were a judge!

  • Anaya K
    Anaya K

    She was pretty good but there wasn't much dimension or experimentation in her voice with the song. If that makes sense. Like I was waiting for a higher register somewhere in there. I think even Kelly was too when she pointed up. I hope she comes back!

  • Steve Moran
    Steve Moran

    We didn’t turn but you’re so talented 🤔

  • Milkylicker19

    Absolutely stunned no one turned for her. Love Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac thought she did a fantastic job.

  • For Liberty
    For Liberty

    I love Fleetwood Mac, but I don't even know that song. She should have done something else.

  • Sagittarius Sam
    Sagittarius Sam

    Very few ppl can pull off Fleetwood Mac and she did so I’m kindly disappointed 😔

  • B. R.
    B. R.

    The end was weak because she felt rejected. She will do great things.

    • Anne

      Bridgette R. I know her well, I mean who wouldn’t be disappointed to not to have a chair turn, and at least she wasn’t up there blubbering, she handled it with style and grace when they gave her feedback.

  • Tracie Taggart
    Tracie Taggart

    I agree with them in a sense about song choice maybe not show casing the emotion she has, but come on! She was amazing, and it was a really cool song!

  • Daniel Bienapfl
    Daniel Bienapfl

    Not bad little bit more work and she will go far

  • The Voice
    The Voice

  • Aleks Vino
    Aleks Vino

    Mashed potatoes

  • Fareshteh H
    Fareshteh H

    Is this a Miranda Lambert song? Is that why Blake didn’t turn? Such a cool voice!

    • Lizzy Watkins
      Lizzy Watkins

      Fareshteh H lol your welcome

    • Fareshteh H
      Fareshteh H

      Lizzy Watkins haha thank you!

    • Lizzy Watkins
      Lizzy Watkins

      lol 😂 is gold dust woman by fleetwood mac

  • VickiLovinmySelf

    Can't believe no one turned, I would have loved to see what else she could do.. She's talented

    • Anne

      VickiLovinmySelf I posted some links to some songs in the comments here. She has improved so much since her EP came out after moving to Nashville. Most of her social media is under Cassidy Lee Music. Thanks for supporting my girl!

  • Barbara Stories
    Barbara Stories

    Super cool 😎

  • globe odula
    globe odula

    Devrais-je participer à the voice :

  • musicalfreakgrl2

    How the F did she get zero chair turns? Come on judges! This is talent!

  • ptalley316

    They should have turned!!

  • indigosigh

    Her timing was out and it was a bit pitchy. Not the right song choice either.

    • Robin C
      Robin C

      And the way she used her voice, at times, contradicted the haunting and mysterious tone of that song. Vocals should compliment the instrumental, not work against it.

  • aquarius3276

    She should’ve sung Jewel’s song Foolish Games 🥰

    • Ann Colson
      Ann Colson

      aquarius3276 you know her?! Jewel is right up her alley. She sings her songs so beautifully.

  • Colin Tenorio
    Colin Tenorio

    She’s cute !

  • Pplfthftr ,
    Pplfthftr ,

    Jolene and 9 to 5

  • Heather Smith
    Heather Smith

    “NickJLover” oh my gosh that’s amazing. I wish nick would’ve turned around for her

  • Heather Smith
    Heather Smith

    She’s so sweet and a good singer. Also I would’ve freaked when nick came over to hug me if I was her

    • regina suniga
      regina suniga


    • regina suniga
      regina suniga

      Everything is worth the beautiful smiles

  • Belinda jacques
    Belinda jacques

    I love Nick, he always seems to hug/ make a special greet for his fans. So awesome 😎

  • Jennifer Jernigan
    Jennifer Jernigan

    Great voice and a genuinely nice person. She works hard

  • Anne
    Anne Here’s another of her originals one of my faves!

    • Anne
      Anne Dancing With the Devil

  • Ken Bugawisan
    Ken Bugawisan

    she's great. it's not just her time yet maybe.

  • Madeline Zeta
    Madeline Zeta

    That was so sweet and not necessary that nick went to hug her. Must have made her life. Goes to show how genuinely kind he is

  • Matthew W
    Matthew W

    Nice voice but not the strongest voice for this great song.

  • North Land
    North Land

    I need to reiterate -- that performance and vocal skill was awful. sometimes the Truth hurts. atleast I'm a friend who doesn't lie to you.

  • sowhatwearedoomed

    Not good

  • eatmypixiedust

    I don't understand when the judges don't turn for talented singers like this. Smh

  • Rp Burrell
    Rp Burrell

    That wasn't cool I thought she sang very well

  • vu ton
    vu ton

    You can tell Nick loves his fan and take the coaching title seriously

  • Kathleen Brandt
    Kathleen Brandt

    Every now and then I'm so disappointed when no one turns for someone that I find exceptional....Cassidy Lee is one of those your voice, loved your song choice, very few people can pull off a song like that. You have a unique tone, hope we'll see you audition again next year. keep on making music, you have a wonderful gift!

    • Kathleen Brandt
      Kathleen Brandt

      @Far King Oath uh....notice that no one turned their chair? That means she didn't get chosen to move forward...hardly a spoiler if you watched the video.

    • Far King Oath
      Far King Oath


  • M Shadows
    M Shadows

    I'm waiting for her come back😊