DAY6 "Zombie (English Ver.)" Lyric Video
DAY6 "Zombie (English Ver.)" Lyric Video
Listen to DAY6 "The Book of Us : The Demon"
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  • Christine Jea
    Christine Jea

    I first heard this on Spotify and it’s so good I mean the beat and the lyrics hits different!

  • Kamiliya Rani
    Kamiliya Rani

    istg this is so precious

  • Alegra Asita
    Alegra Asita

    Day6 really knows how to put me in THAT mood

  • Zyanne A.
    Zyanne A.

    Breathin' but I've been dying inside

  • roxax

    imagine this song feat kyungsoo..

  • Creampuff Lover
    Creampuff Lover

    these lyrics are legit... i love it.

  • Stefanie Phang
    Stefanie Phang

    i like thisssss

  • UU Czarina
    UU Czarina

    I want to stan DAY6. Help , hehe.

  • diamond KT
    diamond KT

    I'm not a DAY6 fan but when i heard this on spotify i fell in love..yup imma stan them now

  • [Hannah Ash]
    [Hannah Ash]

    honestly "todays a present that i dont want" hits SO hard and holds so much meaning

  • Bluebird Y95
    Bluebird Y95

    I'm not a fan, but. Why i came in this again, oh ong seongwu i hope you sing this song one day, or collab with them so beautiful

  • Faith

    this was such an amazing album, wouldn’t have listened to it without watching Chris’ live, thank god he played this

  • Perseaphone

    i go back here everyday

  • hanna

    this song is already stuck in my mind uwu 🤩

  • bangtan.bighit

    im not a day6 fan but this song is so beautiful

  • Sonam Zangmo
    Sonam Zangmo

    Day 6? I only know Talented 6❤

  • TaeforLisa

  • Leah Mercader
    Leah Mercader

    The message tho❤💘

  • regina bei
    regina bei

    Tbh this is the first DAY6 song I have listened...but all the lyrics are about how I feel these days... To anyone else who have mental issues and depression..I pray that time will heal you!

  • Dinda Natasya
    Dinda Natasya

    Im not even mayday but this song means everything. This song describe what i feel.

  • Chyntia Putri
    Chyntia Putri

    Day6 always hit me hard with their songs.

  • Hannah Rodriguez
    Hannah Rodriguez

    I don’t like that I relate to this whole song. 😔 That being said, this is a really good song.

  • Girl Stay
    Girl Stay

    I love this song

  • Girl Stay
    Girl Stay

    No puedo dejar de escucharla

  • Nicole Keziah Untal
    Nicole Keziah Untal

    Im not A days but this song is so beautiful.

  • Hime desu
    Hime desu

    This is damn beautiful... The lyrics and the voices.


    To chorando e nem é meme

  • ur mom
    ur mom

    Day6 never disappoints

  • Ina

    Their songs always get to me.

  • petriCHOr 17
    petriCHOr 17

    I hope day6 could stay healthy and happy

  • Kadek Rasti
    Kadek Rasti

    Like my life too :)))

  • Bam Sevilla
    Bam Sevilla

    I'm not a fan.. but this song??? My god! They deserve more!!! I'm one of the zombie....!!

  • D K
    D K

    Jaeeee your voice is killing me 🤍 though youngK is my bias

  • Allison Recalde
    Allison Recalde

    Woaaa 💜💜

  • bottled soju
    bottled soju

    Breathing but I’m dying inside.. is me

  • Huda Resoul Aziz
    Huda Resoul Aziz

    I’m not a fan but this song is really good

  • Li Li
    Li Li

    This is actually my song right now 😔

  • Somaya Al-haddad
    Somaya Al-haddad

    Wow ❤❤

  • Derp

    I'm a Exo fan okay but this song is really good i listened to it like multiple times Also I just want to point out these people have better English then me-

  • Elf

    Like this song and good rytme luv luv

  • Maria Camargo
    Maria Camargo

    Okay. Ahora quiero llorar. Okay. Now I wanna cry

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez

    Porque todo el mundo no esta hablando de esta cancionpor Dios si es Tremendo Arte!!!

  • eEh mAstEr
    eEh mAstEr


  • Life's a Beach
    Life's a Beach

    So many "not a fan of Day6 but I love this song" comments What's wrong with their other songs? Have they listened to them?

  • Nurey

    Fame is wanted, then when reached, people want a private life. The sun signifies all the unwanted "gift"/attention. I feel like Day6 deserves a rest. Life of kpop idols are really hard. Not everyone can be lucky like BTS. I hope they can be happier.

  • Sella o.o
    Sella o.o

    keren bangett aaaaaa ga ngerti lagi😭

  • Mehdjabin Alidjan
    Mehdjabin Alidjan


  • rachma juli
    rachma juli

    The lyric hit me hard (ngena banget di aku 😭), so relatable to my life This song was trending, so i'm just curious to listening and i like this song and music video... I know day6 but i don't know their song but this song so good and i realy like it

  • emoo weingken
    emoo weingken

    I am glad this pop up in my recommendation.This just hits home.💘The lyrics,the tempo,the vibe just everything......This makes your heart ache but strangely still gives you the comfort you needed.

  • camila Suarez
    camila Suarez

    I don't stan Day6 but i feel so identify by this song, i love it so much. Hope this guys reach their goals and feel better.

  • mienladyc IGOT7
    mienladyc IGOT7

    AhGaSe here to support My Day Hwaiting Day6

  • Aleena Sajjad
    Aleena Sajjad

    Not even a fan but I love this song.

  • Carolina Andrea Moreira Parada
    Carolina Andrea Moreira Parada

    This honestly has become my 'quarantine feeling state' song ...

  • Teja-Jáe Rose
    Teja-Jáe Rose

    I've been listening to this song so much since it came out.

  • Isha Pendem
    Isha Pendem

    "Dried out but feel like I should cry" if that isn't what I think everytime something happens

  • Isha Pendem
    Isha Pendem

    This song really hits different in English. I got a little sad listening to it because I can empathize. (But the little ghost made me smile)

  • Nadia Unitassia
    Nadia Unitassia

    Half of the views come from me

  • Raileigh Vesarius
    Raileigh Vesarius

    Not a fan but, this song is a masterpiece.

  • Esra

    omg that is the best song I've ever hear!! u guys are doing great! keep it up boys!sending to u all my luv luv luv

  • Halima Qusadi
    Halima Qusadi


  • Leonela Ferrer
    Leonela Ferrer

    Es mejor la versión original ♥

  • Christine Kemp
    Christine Kemp

    Oh my god Day6 noemu saranghaeyo

  • Luna Universe
    Luna Universe

    Thank you.

  • Zahraa Zahraa
    Zahraa Zahraa

    هاي الأغنية حرفيا معبرة عني حرفيا والله!!.........💔💔💔💔...

  • Maxx Nicodemus
    Maxx Nicodemus

    wanting something i cant see or something i cant reach

  • arsya balqis
    arsya balqis

    Day6 is the most fluent korean singers when they sing in english. valid? valid. if you dont know them maybe you'll think they're from US.

  • saniipeachyy


  • OxyJIN Air
    OxyJIN Air

    When your mentally and emotionally unstable, these lyrics hit differently

  • Honey Y
    Honey Y


  • Wiralphat Way
    Wiralphat Way

    This is the best song!! 💜

  • Abigail.B

    This song is relatable on a whole other level i- idk @_@

  • Souparnika

    Kpop industry making all those kids zombies, in the name of realizing a dream, that even they themselves have no idea about. Corporate world!


    OMG THE BEST SONG!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Lidia 202
    Lidia 202


  • Lidia 202
    Lidia 202

    We love you guys

  • Lidia 202
    Lidia 202

    Sounds so beautifully

  • Lidia 202
    Lidia 202

    New song yeahhh

  • Cindy Novaria
    Cindy Novaria

    I dont understand.. can anyone explain to me.. why these boys became a zombie while they're this hot ?

    • Durar Najwa Mohd Razi
      Durar Najwa Mohd Razi

      you need to be going through a depression, or listen to stories with someone who has depression...

  • prerna mishra
    prerna mishra

    These guys are talented. 💜

  • Lu Rien
    Lu Rien

    tbh I don't really stan DAY6 but I always loves their music for screaming and crying about how shitty life is and this song is the the exact words of how I feel

Sour Candy