The best ED SHEERAN covers in The Voice
Best of The Voice
Ed Sheeran is the UK's biggest artist of the decade, dominating the charts for years. These amazing talents took their change to cover his biggest hits, letting their inner Ed Sheeran come out in the best way 😍
What’s your favorite performance? Let us know in the comments below👇
🚨 This video features the following performances:
1. Patrice Gerlach sings “Lego House” (Germany, 2018)
2. Jamie Miller sings “Shape Of You” (UK, 2017)
3. Sanne Veltman sings “Happier” (Netherlands, 2018)
4. Agustín Iturbide sings “Perfect” (Argentina, 2018)
5. Amber Sauer sings “Shape Of You” (USA, 2018)
6. Lara Gear sings “I See Fire” (South-Africa, 2016)
7. Will Breman sings “I Don't Care” (USA, 2019)
8. Ibe Wuyts sings “Tenerife Sea” (Vlaanderen, 2019)
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  • Best of The Voice
    Best of The Voice

    What’s your favorite performance?

    • Bhekinkosi Matsheza
      Bhekinkosi Matsheza

      The first guy is awesome👏✊👍

    • AJL

      Ibe Wuyts. Beautiful voice and great pianist.

    • Luana Cespedes
      Luana Cespedes

      No entiendo nada soy argentina 🇦🇷

    • Sergey Serbin
      Sergey Serbin

      The last one. Better than original.


      Ibe Wuyts sings "Tenerife Sea" … my favorite

  • Bhekinkosi Matsheza
    Bhekinkosi Matsheza

    The first guy is the best

  • Bhekinkosi Matsheza
    Bhekinkosi Matsheza

    Who is this first guy?

  • Trabson FF
    Trabson FF

    Coisa boa ein canta dms

  • Wassim Missaoui
    Wassim Missaoui

    The last guy there, John Lennon is that ur grandson ? XD

  • andrine camu
    andrine camu

    The girl who sang happier omg it might be the best cover of happier I’ve heard

  • Siddharth singh
    Siddharth singh

    Great cover.

  • Tj Number1
    Tj Number1

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">5:30</a> the girl messed up the lyrics, it was meant to be “I know I was happier with you” sorry to be a nitpick

  • El B
    El B

    The first guy’s voice is absolutely stunning

  • Saba Saoudi
    Saba Saoudi

    All were perfect but the last one ❤️

  • Amirah Moore
    Amirah Moore

    The first and last one have to be my faves!! Wow!

  • regina suniga
    regina suniga


  • Hi I'm Ain
    Hi I'm Ain

    Anouk turning to the Happier girl on the last second is the best thing.. 💕

  • raman !
    raman !

    Ibe wuyts for the win

  • Valdevan Sousa
    Valdevan Sousa

    Brasileiro em 2020 😍

  • Sanjana Kumari
    Sanjana Kumari

    They are all hella talented and beautiful 🤷

  • It's You And I
    It's You And I

    Most of people are here because Ed Sheeran is in Thumbnail but wait a second we are not fool instead we are simple people with a kind heart 💓 🎶 💕

  • Maxwell Liu
    Maxwell Liu

    holy shit that first one made me like Lego house holy fuckkkkkkkkkkk bro

  • Adi gry i filmiki
    Adi gry i filmiki

    ale fajne lol

  • ZoeyT06

    the last performance

  • Paulo Lima
    Paulo Lima

    Will is not the best singer in this video but he's surely the most likely to become a star

  • Olivia Sburlati
    Olivia Sburlati

    Ibe 🌷

  • Olivia Sburlati
    Olivia Sburlati


  • Olivia Sburlati
    Olivia Sburlati

    Patrice 💋

  • Krystian Szalek
    Krystian Szalek

    You that fist guy was like just really really really good, he is so talented! 😍❣

  • winter harmony
    winter harmony

    Ibe Tenerife sea

  • Hossein M
    Hossein M

    The First One And The Last One Were Amazing

  • ณรงค์ฤทธิ์ แซ่ลี
    ณรงค์ฤทธิ์ แซ่ลี


  • Louis Maldonado
    Louis Maldonado

    First and last was the best

  • Issa Soumaoro Kande
    Issa Soumaoro Kande

    I love them all

  • Ana clara
    Ana clara

    you missed Max Boyle :(

  • Nora Yuzhao Music
    Nora Yuzhao Music

    OMG from France

  • maria borca romanu
    maria borca romanu

    Bravoooo,Ibe Wuyts 👏👍👏👍🙋‍♀️❗️Superrr Talent 👍👏🙌❗️

  • Serious _Filip
    Serious _Filip

    Tenerife sea was by far the best

  • Serious _Filip
    Serious _Filip

    That first shape of you was dreadful

  • Isaac wims
    Isaac wims

    Sounds like Ed sheeren

  • Venlo Foxes
    Venlo Foxes

    Where is vinchenzo?

  • Djenabu Dabó
    Djenabu Dabó


  • Leandropx jr
    Leandropx jr


  • Naema Manyara
    Naema Manyara

    Amber ❤️

  • dduke2017

    The second guy really changed the style and I actually liked it

  • sugarhoneyicetea92

    Great video but it's missing my favorite cover. Thinking out loud by Vinchenzo

  • rgncajun21

    This should’ve started and ended with Ibe!

  • ESC Fever
    ESC Fever

    Marta gałuszewska from Poland is missing on the list

  • Thomas McGillivray
    Thomas McGillivray

    The boy is great...even though I can't stand Ed Sheeran..both his voice & style of music..but go Jeniffer though,she is great & has an amazing voice.

  • eco2geek

    It's not exactly a cover, but my favorite is Ed Sheeran singing "All Of The Stars" with Christina Grimmie on the Voice US --


    2nd performer is the best.

  • heartless因業


  • Herman Sanchez
    Herman Sanchez

    Amber Sauer has a James Bond theme song vibe about it

  • Luis Fausnaught
    Luis Fausnaught

    I like ibe he's singing Dance Monkey 🙊?🤔

  • Tiger Watch
    Tiger Watch

    I like the new design!! But it's maybe a good idea to put "Belgium" between brackets behind "Vlaanderen" in the new design. Because not many people know where "Vlaanderen" is, especially when it's written in Dutch. 😉🇧🇪

    • Ariel Espiño
      Ariel Espiño

      Yeah and one more thing, there is Wallonia as well and I think that's the reason why they put the Belgium one as Vlaanderen

    • regina suniga
      regina suniga

      Love ur lead

    • regina suniga
      regina suniga


  • Gabriel Billet
    Gabriel Billet


  • JoiFN

    Ibe is so good it’s crazy.

  • GugaMol

    Coach's faces listening to Ibe: "we have a winner". So beautiful piano version

  • Donald Ducko
    Donald Ducko

    This show is a scam. The judges get paid millions each to “mentor” meanwhile how many contestants have gone on to have careers? The judges are frauds. True mentors would do the show for nothing. Stop profiting off these contestants. At least pay them something.

    • fyrein vina
      fyrein vina

      Well you know that then why you still watch it The reason why contestants is doing the voice is because they want exposure and if the judges like them they can make them become singer. There are many people out there who became singer from the voice So shut up

  • fabb4i2

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="791">13:11</a> He's already crying.

  • fabb4i2

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="354">5:54</a> and <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="552">9:12</a> Their reactions

  • fabb4i2

    I love the new design!

  • Alina Rohrbach
    Alina Rohrbach

    I love the first guy😍

  • Gugulethu Nana
    Gugulethu Nana

    I enjoyed the video... Hope yall did as well ❤️♥️

  • Kaysmee

    They're all great but the best is definitely Ed Sheeran 🤷🏻‍♀️🧡😍

  • Nathiara E
    Nathiara E

    Wow, they are all amazing, even tho I think no one will ever be as good as Ed Sheeran, cause I'm a huge fan of him and he's my favourite artist, I really liked them, especially the first one was incredible 😍

  • Оксана Кубасова
    Оксана Кубасова


  • Bánkuti Barnabás
    Bánkuti Barnabás

    I only miss the guy singing Thinking Out Loud. He sounded so like Ed Sheeran!

    • Bánkuti Barnabás
      Bánkuti Barnabás

      @wafik z yea but he sounded like him too

    • wafik z
      wafik z

      no, the frist one sounded such like ed sheeran

  • BunsalBGTI

    I like all these performances, but I miss the one of Tyke James, Perfect, the Voice USA 2018

  • Najara De Wit
    Najara De Wit



    Last performans was is the best!!

  • mike c
    mike c

    Loved Ibe and Will. Definitely hope they have a successful future.

  • sohidulislam shawon
    sohidulislam shawon


  • سالم القرني
    سالم القرني


  • Black Sultan
    Black Sultan

    I like this one :D

  • Влада Заривняя
    Влада Заривняя

    He is cool, talented, and individual person)) And his voice is very atmospheres))

  • conny Balderrama Márquez
    conny Balderrama Márquez

    Hermosa voz!

  • Ariel Espiño
    Ariel Espiño

    I love this brand new design, the details of the talents were presented well. MORE POWER BEST OF THE VOICE 😍✌️

    • Ariel Espiño
      Ariel Espiño

      Your welcome. Hope that Best of The Voice Kids will have this design as well 😊

    • Best of The Voice
      Best of The Voice

      Ariel Espiño Thank you! We love it too 🤩

  • Lori West
    Lori West

    I was hoping Ibe was on this list....Such talent

  • Lori West
    Lori West

    I love Will Brennan

  • Nagato Uzumaki
    Nagato Uzumaki

    Oh meu god, amazing, Very good

  • Cliftina Graves
    Cliftina Graves

    Wow from Louisiana

  • Comino Jo
    Comino Jo