The Guillotine - Worst Punishments in the History of Mankind
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Let's all be thankful that it's 2020 and public executions are a cruel thing of the past. In today's video we are taking a look at the most brutal Guillotine, and what made this beheading device such a popular event for the towns folk. Heads will roll if you don't check this insane new video out!
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  • Shani Greene
    Shani Greene

    the geeateen

  • Jp Geso
    Jp Geso

    WRONG, there was actually a case of a severed head blinking repeatedly, blushing and responding to commands.

  • Kens gaming
    Kens gaming

    When I first saw it I saw the quarantine not a guillotine

  • DutchViking 6949
    DutchViking 6949

    Guillotine is actually no bad punishment compared to blood eagle and braken bull

  • Kenneth Jones
    Kenneth Jones

    Cockroach goes to Guillermotine Cockroach I’m about to end this mans whole entire career...

  • Nathan Jair
    Nathan Jair

    He said a pun : try not to lose your head. And goutins cut off your head😂😂😂😂😂

  • Djfrenchy

    Imagine you are in the crowd waiting for a public execution and *someone goes wow SUCH FANCY CLOTHING*

  • i_xD3z _
    i_xD3z _

    The FIRST time that i see Guillotine is in Tom & Jerry

  • Mik speed demon
    Mik speed demon

    Why does the narrator sound like suigetsu from naruto

  • Saptarshi Sinha
    Saptarshi Sinha

    Halfway through the video, feel like throwing up. Who all felt the hair in the back of neck titilating 😬😬

  • duck

    The gillette, the worst razor in the history of man kind

  • tahani abu saleem
    tahani abu saleem

    *some one gets glutined* me barffs

  • pinkybuns

    *i feel lucky*

  • Angel Tuti
    Angel Tuti

    Great that I wasn't born then.

  • Tanier Peltier
    Tanier Peltier

    my name is peltier

  • mark burress
    mark burress

    Seppuku involved self disembowelment with a tanto and then the beheading with a katana was performed by a trusted friend

  • Tuure Sarolahti
    Tuure Sarolahti

    Actually the guillotine was one of if not the most humane execution method

  • P҉A҉T҉R҉I҉O҉N҉O҉

    Wow guys lets cut someone's head off using a guillotine, post it on youtube and get tons of fans! Even sign photographs!

  • Bert Noord
    Bert Noord


  • Bert Noord
    Bert Noord


  • Bert Noord
    Bert Noord


  • Lenny face
    Lenny face

    *so then I started choping*

  • knockoff kid
    knockoff kid

    When the first Star Wars came out, France was still using the guillotine

  • Thorny Rose
    Thorny Rose

    Not the "worst punishment", I think that title goes to scaphism. But how it was used was certainly one of the worst when revolutionaries basically went on a killing spree with it. They would pull a portable guillotine around and drag people out of their houses for immediate execution with no trial if they were even slightly suspected of not supporting the revolution.

  • orionsdudejack

    It also existed in a Minecraft server

  • Wisest Channel
    Wisest Channel

    this actually seems merciful compared to everything else in this series

  • Amariouna Sleeper
    Amariouna Sleeper

    I'd say its the least worst punishment, you die quickly and painlessly, instead of slowly being tortured and feeling alot of pain.

  • Brandon300 The Golden Moth Demon
    Brandon300 The Golden Moth Demon

    Kind of an evil punishment tbh

  • Usera Naem
    Usera Naem

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a> he's not in the guillotine correctly lol

  • george mira
    george mira

    Doc Guillotinn's name is actually pronounced: gee-o-ten, with the n not sounding because of the use of the BACK of the tongue, rather than the English front. But the Romans had long ago used a far more wonderful long torturous death machine, so celebrated by arouns 2 billion or more torture-lovers worldwide: THe cross, usually a T shape, caused a slow three-day death - no 3 hour BS!. the arms tied back with body weight sagging made breathing harder and harder, until after 3 to 4 DAYS, exhaustion of diaphragm and intercostals helped increase suffering and slow choking as one eventually dies. Of course, Romans liked it so much that they would crucify as many as 2400 in a single day - although most people remember only one poor jewish carpenter who became too popular causing jealousy of the president - ooops, i mean the high-status people in some small rather grubby corner of the empire.. So, you now see THIS machine celebrated by a HUGE death cult, who puts it on top of buildings, hills, and in their rooms, so that they can derogate the very worth of life itself. You are here. Now.

  • ColorlessXʕ•̫͡•ッ・

    What’s creepier is that how no one has actual hands in this video.

  • Ultimate Gamer
    Ultimate Gamer

    But it is better than other punishments like brazen bull

  • Willa Bukata
    Willa Bukata

    Concept: a mini guillotine for slicing carrots

  • tvv bg
    tvv bg

    And messed up

  • Jessica Sande
    Jessica Sande


  • EpicGuyJack!

    a family friendly vacation to watch someone get decapitated :)

  • ً

    how is this a "worst punishment in the history of mankind". It is much less painful than current execution methods in the U.S.

    • Izzy B.
      Izzy B.

      maybe because it's not just a punishment but a death idk

  • no

    Criminal: *is decapitated* ( *0.1 seconds later*) Executioner: "Alright, *blink* decapitated head."

  • ButterflyCities

    🎼Double double disco queen howdy to the guillotine 🎼

  • Cody Birkelo
    Cody Birkelo

    Seppuku's defining characteristic was plunging the tanto knife into the gut and slicing the abdomen. In the absence of a kaishakunin, the samurai would then remove the blade, and stab himself in the throat, or fall from a standing position with the blade positioned against his heart. With his selected kaishakunin standing by, he would open his kimono robe, take up his tanto knife which the samurai held by the blade with a portion of cloth wrapped around so that it would not cut his hand and cause him to lose his grip and plunge it into his abdomen, making a left to right cut. Prior to this, he would probably consume an important ceremonial drink of sake. He would also give his attendant a cup meant for sake. The kaishakunin would then perform kaishaku, a cut in which the warrior was partially decapitated in which way a slight band of flesh is left attaching the head to the body, so that it can be hung in front as if embraced.

  • Drift Scale
    Drift Scale

    The more laid back these capital punishments get the less scsred criminals are to be criminals

  • NooblyHunter 203
    NooblyHunter 203

    Infographics Channel: "Just try not to *lose your head* and keep calm." *Charles Henry Sanson would like to know your location*

  • cariza5

    Can anyone tell me why did the French do a drum roll when the person was going up to get their head chopped off by La Guillotine.

  • Leafy Loxx
    Leafy Loxx

    Off to hang myself watch and learn

  • DJF_62

    No Execution Is Ethical

  • Alexander Crack-ilton
    Alexander Crack-ilton

    Wasn’t there a royal who was executed and had their head hacked off with an axe for an hour.

  • Joshua the Epic
    Joshua the Epic

    The puns are the worst punishment here.

  • Cherrycombe 3
    Cherrycombe 3

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="604">10:04</a> that man has some great dance moves 😂

  • Cherrycombe 3
    Cherrycombe 3

    No one: No one ever: Not even the class clown Theatre kids: 🎵don’t lose ur head 🎶

    • Alana Capano
      Alana Capano

      that song was playing in my head throughout the whole video

  • I hate you
    I hate you

    My last words would be “I don’t use my head you can have it.”

  • Fried D. Rooster
    Fried D. Rooster

    Marie Antoinette. ⚖️

  • Nova XxX
    Nova XxX

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="380">6:20</a> is that how murders are made???

  • Olivia Pierre
    Olivia Pierre

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="33">0:33</a> Every single Six fan literally starts singing "Don't loose ur head"

  • Gabbie Brown
    Gabbie Brown

    DONT LOSE UR HEAD!!!!! ill see myself out......

  • JC Rutledge
    JC Rutledge

    I thought seppuku was suicide by disembowelment and they had someone there to decapitate you if faltered or got scared so you would still have a somewhat honorable death.

  • Saïdo Beno
    Saïdo Beno

    Guillowood lol

  • Tuna Hızır
    Tuna Hızır

    One day infographics will be like: fine the worst punishments in the history of mankind

  • makenoodls 09
    makenoodls 09

    I mean.....why don't they just have a talk or something?

    • IDidntKnowTheyAllowed ANameThisLongForAttention
      IDidntKnowTheyAllowed ANameThisLongForAttention

      makenoodls 09 try talking to someone who wants you dead

    • Saïdo Beno
      Saïdo Beno

      Because they're not monsters

  • Pheonix Fire
    Pheonix Fire

    I hear that it would take between 2-3 swings to actually behead someone, via axe or sword... Also, sometimes, the guillotine would take 2 attempts 😟😟

  • cdl clements
    cdl clements

    Yeah they loved it

  • Cayuga

    Ur wrong it started in Skyrim wow do ur research

  • DragonZ

    i like how people back them make some killing machine that's totally useless right now

  • Midnight Kitten
    Midnight Kitten

    Oh my, it’s tea time...

  • Kim Colbert
    Kim Colbert

    This way of death wasn't bad compared to others because it was quick although looking scary it made death quick and painless

  • Amazing GamerZ
    Amazing GamerZ

    Its a one hit K.O!

  • M G
    M G

    They are going to bring the guillotine back, whoever does not accept the new monetary system will be put to death by guillotine. Coming soon.

  • Gacha Wolves Productions
    Gacha Wolves Productions

    I want a toy guillotine for Christmas Mom! I found a mouse and want to chop its head off!!

  • Yen Acuzar
    Yen Acuzar

    *Holy Music Starts* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="88">1:28</a>

  • Veronica Cruz
    Veronica Cruz


  • Nikola Dragojevic
    Nikola Dragojevic

    Charlotte Corday was sentenced to death because she killed Jean Paul Marat.

  • Obama Toy Reviews
    Obama Toy Reviews

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="306">5:06</a> you put like 4 people there lol

  • CheshTheCat

    So my only question about the 4 second thing. Does it account for human heads being larger and holding more mass of blood filled oxygen in there or does that not matter?

  • Ahad Rehman
    Ahad Rehman

    This was the equivalent of getting shot in the head quick and painless back in the day, if a little brutal.

  • Fitzwilliam

    Charlotte Corday wasn't charged for killing her husband, she was the assassin of Jean Paul Marat, who was a major figure of the revolution.

  • Alex Schaal 2
    Alex Schaal 2

    Mini guillotine for kids!? Yup when you get home he's not gonna have fingers.

  • GDjose Aleman
    GDjose Aleman

    Worst punishment ever: forcing you to step on legos then the head

  • Stop timing out pepole for no reason
    Stop timing out pepole for no reason

    The worst punishment is... Unskippable raid ads

  • Danny Nuggets
    Danny Nuggets

    Hmm. Posted a month ago. Getting people scared of the 30k guillotines the government bought?

  • Maria Victoria Salita
    Maria Victoria Salita

    Charlotte Corday stabbed Jean Paul Marat while he was bathing. Marat was one of those people who plotted the French Revolution and terrorized France after overthrowing monarchy. He was one of those "power trippers" at that time along with Maximillien Robespierre and George Danton. He is not Charlotte Corday's husband by the way. Charlotte was appalled by his sadistic and power tripping disposition when he was sending many innocent people to be guillotined simply because he was suspicious with them and they oppose to their oppressions after overthrowing monarchy/aristocracy. They even insinuated the French to turn to paganism or atheism since most of the clergy were siding with the aristocrats in oppressing the common people, particularly the peasants.

  • natha granados
    natha granados

    its goes it goes it goes it goes it goes it goes it goes it goes.......