The NEW SONIC the HEDGEHOG Movie (GTA 5 Mods)
The King Crane
Sonic the Hedgehogs new movie is here and in GTA! The NEW Sonic the Hedgehog is fighting off all of Dr Eggmans team while working with his new friend in this new world!!
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  • Ricardo Piovezan
    Ricardo Piovezan

    Help please, how can i play this games ? Thank u

  • Mauro Lopez
    Mauro Lopez

    I saw the movie it's awesome

  • Archie B
    Archie B

    Hi I’m a new viewer

  • Brittany Britt
    Brittany Britt

    His name is donut Lord

  • yodea Hutapea
    yodea Hutapea

    The king crane i like the sonic the hedgehog

  • Naigha Ach
    Naigha Ach

    what little arm guys

  • Naigha Ach
    Naigha Ach

    good king

  • Jasper Edwards
    Jasper Edwards

    Did you do the full movie

  • Jasper Edwards
    Jasper Edwards

    Hey I love your channel for sssssspppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddddddddddddd zoom zoom zoom

  • Redesign Movie Sonic
    Redesign Movie Sonic

    Sonic the Hedgehog movie deleted scene

  • Mason Perry
    Mason Perry

    Sonic movie was great king crane

  • yunus koektas
    yunus koektas

    did you ever saw the mouvei

  • Darrel Colquhoun Jr
    Darrel Colquhoun Jr

    That is a nice Sonic

  • eidem luna melo
    eidem luna melo

    thers sonic movie 2 is coming in 2021

  • tazibei tigere
    tazibei tigere

    The king crane

  • tazibei tigere
    tazibei tigere


  • jaiye Abidakun
    jaiye Abidakun

    I never wached it

  • Nick Blandin
    Nick Blandin

    blue's clues vs Dora and map mod

  • Nick Blandin
    Nick Blandin

    South Park mod and bobs burgers

  • Brighton Fowler
    Brighton Fowler


  • Kim Quek
    Kim Quek

    do more gta

  • Arlin Casillas
    Arlin Casillas

    That is not the 2020 sonic movie That's just sonic Why did you not find the sonic a movie model it's already here

  • Naiara razhel
    Naiara razhel

    Pleas play Zooba zoo Batlle🙏🙏😊

  • Mqondisi Dewa
    Mqondisi Dewa

    Do tails getting clone

    • Mqondisi Dewa
      Mqondisi Dewa

      😀😂😂 the movie was good 😁😎😍😋🦄

  • Jessika Morris
    Jessika Morris

    Do more sonic vids love dem

  • Aden Greenwood
    Aden Greenwood

    The. Sonic the hedgehog is good 👍

  • Sunny Day
    Sunny Day

    You are so cool can you make an Iron Man one

  • hyperspeed gamer
    hyperspeed gamer


  • Sharyl Santos
    Sharyl Santos

    go to soap to day

  • Bray Jennings
    Bray Jennings

    It is dr.robotnik

  • Amir Haley
    Amir Haley

    I played GTA5 I played as sonic and it was fun

  • Dragana Stevanovic
    Dragana Stevanovic

    Sonic gta 5.Be cearful sonic there are alote puipple!:)

    • Dragana Stevanovic
      Dragana Stevanovic


  • The Golden Streak!
    The Golden Streak!

    Do a QuickSilver M.O.D!

  • Raeah7 overnight challenge in the woods Ko
    Raeah7 overnight challenge in the woods Ko

    Plz be Harry Potter bc that would be cool

  • Azlynn Rodriguez
    Azlynn Rodriguez

    this is cool i love it

  • zan palmer
    zan palmer

    You got everything wrong 😭.!?!.

  • Marise Solomons
    Marise Solomons

    It is not the movie sonic


    i went to sonic the hedgehogs it was was AMAZiNG

  • Meree Deyn
    Meree Deyn

    The sonic

  • Kohl Adams
    Kohl Adams

    It's Doctor Robotnik

  • nnnorris2

    His real name is Dr. robot Nick

  • Adrian Zee
    Adrian Zee

    How do you do the mods

  • Alfonso Garcia
    Alfonso Garcia

    That's modern sonic not teen sonic

  • Gg Burns
    Gg Burns

    Hey sonic

  • Vuk Stevic
    Vuk Stevic

    I just got a sonic movie ad.


    I sented you a friend request .my name is : magical_merman I am a subscriber and I like your videos

  • Adhiesive Strike
    Adhiesive Strike

    how to download your mods btw

  • T.E.E XL
    T.E.E XL

    Tell me on my THsofts channel please my Chagall is demitrik willims

  • Adam Lisaula
    Adam Lisaula

    I want sonic powers because I want to punch king my little cousin

  • yosef Gamer
    yosef Gamer

    💥💥💥💥💥 its bam vrea god 👍🏼👍🏼lek das

  • yosef Gamer
    yosef Gamer

    💥💥💥💥💥 its bam vrea god 👍🏼👍🏼lek das

  • Mason Parsons
    Mason Parsons


  • James Wilkinson
    James Wilkinson

    Do the lord of the rings movie mod

  • puppetswithmaurie gaming
    puppetswithmaurie gaming


  • Chelsey Winslow
    Chelsey Winslow

    I wasn't the sonic movie

  • Wamedh Wisam
    Wamedh Wisam

    play sonic vs batman or marvel vs dc

  • Denver Thomas
    Denver Thomas

    Nice Oh Are You Doing A Part Two

  • Jack Emerson
    Jack Emerson

    Eat some more cheese burgers and french fries and cheese cake

    • Jack Emerson
      Jack Emerson

      You funny

  • SonicSpeed Master
    SonicSpeed Master

    🤨...and I thought I was fast...(CRIIIINGGGE,i like)

    • Quinton Humphreys
      Quinton Humphreys

      Hii sonic

    • Alicia Holmes
      Alicia Holmes

      She has like

  • Joshua Jimenez
    Joshua Jimenez

    bro u trying too hard this shit is annoying

  • Marcia Thomas
    Marcia Thomas

    I saw sonic the hedgehog movie

  • nashphysics

    Where is Thomas go to mushroom island

  • AdsHW12

    Part 2

  • Brandon Carballo
    Brandon Carballo


  • cedcedplayz

    I love sonic

  • MARIO 13
    MARIO 13

    Can you make a tails mod

  • MARIO 13
    MARIO 13

    I love Sonic 😍

  • Fire Creeper
    Fire Creeper

    This is how many times he said time to time⬇️

    • Eleazar Guerrero
      Eleazar Guerrero

      How old is logo is the one that's Preston's logo

  • Christina Miller
    Christina Miller

    I saw the movie yesterday and today because I loved it it was AMAZING and i mean it it was AMAZING!!

  • Anthony Dorsett
    Anthony Dorsett

    How did you get Sonic on GTA V I really want to play I want to play as him on mine Xbox One

  • Pinkyy Peaarl
    Pinkyy Peaarl

    It's not eggman it's robotnick

  • issac H.Hicks
    issac H.Hicks

    can you do sonic vr qawqatrol

  • Sonic fan 2020 Gaming Channel
    Sonic fan 2020 Gaming Channel

    March 15th 2020 Ah Memories. I already Saw the new Sonic film

    • Sonic fan 2020 Gaming Channel
      Sonic fan 2020 Gaming Channel

      @Elmore Lynch i have too

    • Elmore Lynch
      Elmore Lynch

      I seen the whole movie bro

    • Quinton Humphreys
      Quinton Humphreys


    • Sonic fan 2020 Gaming Channel
      Sonic fan 2020 Gaming Channel

      @Quinton Humphreys home

    • Quinton Humphreys
      Quinton Humphreys

      Is jy seenkie of mysie🏡

  • Lifewith r&k
    Lifewith r&k

    How you get sonic I want sonic please

  • Manav Soni
    Manav Soni

    This is the flash mod with Sonic skin on it

    • Tanya Eaton
      Tanya Eaton

      Manav Soni Ggg

    • FALC0n

      Still good skin gbh

  • Kris Cardwell
    Kris Cardwell


  • Frazoul

    I just watch the sonic movie

  • Hope Wenke
    Hope Wenke


  • smok novo
    smok novo

    i thought this was a mod reveiw

  • shufflegaming

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a>