Todd Tilghman - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band's "We've Got Tonight" - Voice Blind Auditions
The Voice
Todd Tilghman performs "We've Got Tonight" during The Voice Blind Auditions.
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NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season's blockbuster vocal competition.
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The four-time Emmy Award-winning musical competition series “The Voice” returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the show’s newest season.
Nick Jonas, the multi-platinum Grammy and Golden Globe Award-nominated recording artist, actor, songwriter and member of the preeminent group the Jonas Brothers, joins acclaimed coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as they return for Season 18. Carson Daly returns as host.
Todd Tilghman - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band's "We've Got Tonight" - Voice Blind Auditions
The Voice

  • Wanaibok Nongphlang
    Wanaibok Nongphlang

    I'm so glad that blake won🍻

  • Elizabeth Seals
    Elizabeth Seals

    I never thought he'd win, but i'm so glad he did. He's awesome.

  • Pam Carballoca
    Pam Carballoca

    Hope Blake keeps the pressure on the record company to give a the record deal Todd won. There has never been a Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood or Daughtry. They win and then just disappear

  • Maria Samuels
    Maria Samuels

    Please re-record We've Got Tonight so I can download it. Please please please

  • Doyal The Melomaniac
    Doyal The Melomaniac

    He’s good, but there is no way he should have won. Thunderstorm was a thousand times better.

  • Afantescape

    As soon as I saw this my jaw dropped.

  • Gabriella Fisher
    Gabriella Fisher

    i have the most spiritual mother in the world so my mom could be a pastors wife and i knew the group also i had no idea nicks dad was a choir director

  • Jeannie Mainzer
    Jeannie Mainzer

    America got this one right. Congrats to him; he deserved this!

  • Sheila Warwana
    Sheila Warwana

    I really like him.

  • ShawN TyleR
    ShawN TyleR

    Very well deserved 👏👍🏆🎉

  • Jehmmy Jamaun
    Jehmmy Jamaun

    the champ....👏👏

  • Regina Ruehling
    Regina Ruehling

    OMG this is the first time I have ever seen this guy, he is Bob Seger made over. He could be Bob Segers double.

  • Patricia Jones
    Patricia Jones

    Onlyv z Kenny could compare to this version! i love Todd!

  • Abdulhakeem Ali
    Abdulhakeem Ali

    I know it's late I know you're weary I know your plans Don't include me Still here we are Both of us lonely Longing for shelter From all that we see Why should we worry No one will care girl Look at the stars now So far away We've got tonight Who needs tomorrow We've got tonight, babe Why don't you stay [Sheena:] Deep in my soul I've been so lonely All of my hopes fading away I've longed for love Like everyone else does I know I'll keep searching after today [Kenny:] So there it is girl We've got it all now [Sheena:] And here we are, babe What do you say [Together:] We've got tonight Who needs tomorrow We've got tonight, babe Why don't you stay [Kenny:] I know it's late And I know you're weary I know your plans Don't include me [Sheena:] Still here we are [Together:] Both of us lonely Both of us lonely [Kenny:] We've got tonight [Sheena:] Who needs tomorrow [Kenny:] Let's make it last [Sheena:] Let's find a way [Kenny:] Turn out the light [Sheena:] Oooooh-ho, come take my hand now [Together:] We've got tonight, babe Why don't we stay We've got tonight, babe Why don't we stay

  • dhruv holla
    dhruv holla

    Why did John Legend say Well Well Well like a villain from a spaghetti western

  • Jo Ellen Motley/Reeves
    Jo Ellen Motley/Reeves

    That is a man full of the Holy Spirit!

  • Brenda Cumberland
    Brenda Cumberland

    Can’t get enough of Todd’s Voice🌹

  • Joy Trangia
    Joy Trangia

    Blake is my no.1 favorite coach ever. Best choice by Todd!😍😍😍

  • Becky King
    Becky King

    I had loved Todd since the very first .so ecited congrats Todd

  • gloria simpher
    gloria simpher

    he is singing about miranda an blake after there divorce. an her new song play with my head . blake did not leave miranda along not at all in went to her beautiful 400 acres home he called it the palace poor beautiful miranda with the goldeen voice same on you blake . kelly tell the truth /

  • Erlinda Caguiat
    Erlinda Caguiat

    Looooove his per formance💖💖😴❤❤❤❤

  • henriqueacabral

    Blake?? This had Jonas all over

  • Glea Tabs
    Glea Tabs

    Yeah he won

  • Erlinda Caguiat
    Erlinda Caguiat

    I love his voice

  • Gary O
    Gary O

    My favorite of all The Voice winners.

  • Tim West
    Tim West

    They all knew Todd had what it takes to win!

  • Erlinda Caguiat
    Erlinda Caguiat

    I love that rustic boys it's awesome you would have winner


    Estoy aquí por *Cristianos al día*

  • Elizabeth Seals
    Elizabeth Seals

    I heard he won and I was so excited. I've just watched it on THsofts.



  • Harvey Harveyness
    Harvey Harveyness

    I feel sorry for him- he's very talented but look at all the people who have the voice since it started. NONE of them have done anything of any significance-I wish I knew why it happens that way-several of the people who have won have just as much talent as people who are recording and touring-I hope Todd will breakthrough-God bless Todd and his family

  • Frances Coles
    Frances Coles

    Loved this cast this season! All of the five finalist will do well.God needs Todd to a job for our country. HE(GOD) can't call on anyone else to do. Todd will be the only one on God's earth who has the attention(authority) of the Lord to reach this Whole World.

  • Phirasak Thongu
    Phirasak Thongu


  • Ufen Orum
    Ufen Orum

    Whos here after he won?

  • Zainab Haleem
    Zainab Haleem

    Although I wanted Thunderstorm to win, he ain't bad...

  • Kathleen Mcclurg
    Kathleen Mcclurg

    My first season watching the voice, love the in home show!! This guy blew me away, I voted for him!! I love the Christian spirit in him!! Congratulations to Todd, I can't wait for more music!! Thank you and stay safe and well to all!!

  • loving densi
    loving densi

    Todd did a great interview with Newsweek. His fans should read it.

  • Donna Haywood
    Donna Haywood

    Blake's best choice ever!

  • swimsurfgirl101

    He is so flawless I’ve watched every one of his performances on repeat! I just can’t get enough of his gorgeous voice

  • Emmafeelsblah

    i come back to this video ~ that tone truly gives me chills!!

  • MsJoybird1

    Todd is good, really good!.

  • Wae Zhae
    Wae Zhae

    What a melting creamy butter...soooo good...

  • CoasterCraziness

    Ok look I know you’re here cuz he won

  • Gabe Canuteson
    Gabe Canuteson

    1st performer of the season, 1st four-chair turn of the season, Blake's first win since season...

  • KimfromSoCal

    He killed this song..simply nailed it and it was the perfect song for him

  • kk kerr
    kk kerr

    i've loved him from the beginning and in the finals when they said "The winner is Todd Tilghman" I litterally jumped off my couch and screamed "YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and then i rewatched it like 5 times!!!!!!!

  • moses patague
    moses patague

    Congratulations Pastor Todd! The Voice Winner Season 18!

  • Donna Scarbrough
    Donna Scarbrough

    He is so Wonderful and from Meridian Mississippi

  • Jane Meyer
    Jane Meyer

    I love Todd because he is the real deal! Todd continue to be all that you are called to be!

  • Reynald Cloma
    Reynald Cloma

    "Still here we are...." when he dropped those lines 👌

  • SDA Antiquer
    SDA Antiquer

    I love seeing good things come to good people! Your win was so well-deserved, Todd. Congratulations!

  • Victor G
    Victor G

    That was the first step of one thousand mile journey to WIN the whole 18-season VOICE

  • Kayla Stahl
    Kayla Stahl

    Go team Blake💪 Always team Blake🥳

  • Shawn McLaughlin
    Shawn McLaughlin

    Kenny Rogers, yes. Chris Stapleton? Not a chance.

  • Nancy Robbins
    Nancy Robbins

    What an incredible voice... I love Bob Seger and this song is one of my favorites...

  • naturegirl51

    brilliant and to top it all it is my alltime favourite song!!!!

  • Evan Kral
    Evan Kral

    The winner!

  • Valerie Necsulescu
    Valerie Necsulescu

    I listen to this song and Todd from the beginning every day and I will listen for long time. I felt in that moment "He is the winner".

  • Natasha Irving
    Natasha Irving

    "my wife's 37, it's cool" that one got me. So happy Nick is in such a good and happy place in his life. Proud of him and hopes that happiness wil be a lasting one for him

  • KarlaElaine100

    Now, it would be nice if Universal actually did its job!

  • Andrea Mireles
    Andrea Mireles

    Why this guy sound like Jason Crabb?! YAAASSS and umm.. Okay Nick! SANG ITTT

  • Michelle Arrigoni
    Michelle Arrigoni

    ... and this is why he won!!! Awesome right from the first audition!

  • C C
    C C

    BIG 2020 WINNER!!!! Congratulations Todd!!! God has made your voice a messenger for Him to spread His Word to the rest of America and the world! I am inspired! God bless you!!!!

    • Jose Fernandes
      Jose Fernandes


  • Aera

    Bob Seger would be proud! He did that song justice. So many people have mangled it. Cough. Cough. Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton. cough. cough.

  • Cody Harmon
    Cody Harmon

    The first audition of the competition is the one to win it all. 🔥

  • Codename_Slim

    So glad he won!! He deserves it so much! ❤️

  • Christine Torre
    Christine Torre

    Absolutely love this guy! He honestly deserved it! He has such a captivating presence on stage

  • Virginia Flynn
    Virginia Flynn


  • Almar Lucero
    Almar Lucero

    From this moment on,,I knew he's gonna win big! He deserve that glorious achievement,,Congrats Pastor Todd!🙏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🎉🎊

  • Junelyn Eve Nigs Kainank
    Junelyn Eve Nigs Kainank

    Watching this again and it made my cry. What a journey. Congratulations Pastor Todd.

  • Markle Sparkle Sports
    Markle Sparkle Sports

    Who’s here after he won!

  • [ST1L] StayTrue1Life
    [ST1L] StayTrue1Life


  • C_ Farther
    C_ Farther

    He sounds like Bob Seger. Great. He also reminds me of a southern preacher. After the song he said he was pastor! I am laughing so hard.

  • Jane Cappiello
    Jane Cappiello

    Congratulation! However, Tonisha and Thunder Storm were better! But we do know this show is all fixed! None of the biggest stars have never come from the Voice! Maybe the best thing that ever happened was that you didn't win! I would like anyone to tell me who became a superstar from the Voice! Unfortunately, no one!

    • MR _
      MR _

      Well, if you win you will get 100k. You didn't get anything if you didn't win. In conclusion, winning is the still best thing they could get.

    • Jose Fernandes
      Jose Fernandes

      toneisha was not better yeah thunderstorm has amazing vocals so yeah thunderstorm was my winner but todd was 2nd but if todd won I wouldnt mind and he did but toneisha is not better than him

    • Jonah Douglass
      Jonah Douglass

      Jordan Smith and Cassadee Pope are the closest I can think of

  • Belinda Martinez
    Belinda Martinez

    We love u Pastor Todd

  • Transparent Eclipse
    Transparent Eclipse

    Thunderstorm should’ve won. Not sorry

  • cmerritt923

    Goosebumps. He’s sooo good.

  • Nilda Barbosa
    Nilda Barbosa

    Congrats to this amazing guy.!! I'm agree with you @Jessica Luna but right away.!!

  • Hunter Pong's
    Hunter Pong's

    Todd Congrats!!! 🥳🥳

  • Peggy Shumar
    Peggy Shumar

    Love this guy's is going places....☺️🎶🎵❤️